Thursday, June 30, 2005

SUSE 9.3 Pro FTP & CDs download

SUSE has always made the boot.iso file available for burning a CD to do an net install of their latest version and a live evaluation CD version about 1 month after it was available for order and at retail. A while back after the release of 9.3, they made 2 DVDs available, one which runs entirely from the DVD (live version) and the other which is used for installing the SUSE to the hard drive.

This week they made available the CD you can use to do the net install. And, they've also made the entire 5 CD set available for downloading!

If you want to save time, you might still want to downlaod the boot.iso file (it's in the /9.3/boot/ folder of the mirror you choose. It's only 60 MB and is used for doing the graphical install of SUSE entirely from the Internet. It's not difficult to do and saves you having to download 5 CDs full of packages you might never use. Be sure to look at the README file before starting.

The popular wisdom regarding download sites is to pick one geographically close to you. Popular wisdom isn't always right. If you can't get a fast one try ones in Central Europe or less populous countries. I'm in Canada and have had good luck with Austrian mirrors, for example.


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