Monday, October 10, 2005

Hacking OpenSUSE

Update: The link above was down at the writing of this update. Here's a mirror.

Found the how-to linked above on ScotsNewsletter Forums. Moderator Bruno let us know about it. By the way, if you ever need Linux support, there probably isn't a better bunch of people on the net!

If you download SUSE OSS 10.0 Edition (it's not really called OpenSUSE, that's the name of the project, not the release), you'll find that it's missing the ability to run Java applets, Flash animations, play MP3s, Windows Media, Quicktime or Realplayer videos, read PDF files or watch DVDs. This article will tell you how to add the programs necessary to do this.

I tested all the steps in this article except playing DVDs (don't have a DVD-ROM drive yet) and it works with the following caveats. If you want to use Java in Konqueror, you'll have to do the following:

In Konqueror, go to Settings --> Configure Konqueror. Choose Java & Javascript on the side and in the box beside Path to Java executable or 'java', change whatever is there to java. Click the check box beside under Global Settings that says Enable Java globally and then click OK to store these settings. Note you can add specific domains or sites to the Java list below if you prefer not to enable it at all sites.

I also found that I had to leave the install CDs enabled in YaST --> Software --> Installation Sources or I had problems with dependencies it couldn't fix. Enjoy!


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