Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Linux - Basic Course

I'll be teaching this course again in January at Fleming College:
Linux - Basic

Course Number: COMP194

Discover the Windows alternative that companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Novell and Sun are excited about. With more and more applications for the home user, Linux is quickly becoming a more mainstream operating system, requiring more individuals to upgrade their skills in the operation and maintenance of Linux. Recommended for those with some experience with computers, this course explores various versions of Linux, its installation and operation, office-type software, online interactivity, benefits and drawbacks.
This course is targeted at beginners to Linux though it's assumed you can get yourself around Windows OK. I frequently make reference to Windows as a bridge for understanding how Linux works. We're going to be using SUSE Linux mostly in the course but we will take some time to look at other versions of Linux and how they compare. The principles learned will apply to all the major Linux distributions. I'd be grateful if you pass around the word! Thanks.


At 3:26 p.m., Blogger ashuaki said...

資訊園地討論區 的積分0 點 頭銜!!
en ingllish資
uor linex shud be mandrake ohr redhat behcas suse is in betha 2


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